The Cadets completed their first PFQ:

The recruits of Class 03-2024 received an unforgettable visit from the LAPD Metropolitan Division Mounted Unit and the SWAT team. These elite units took on the role of guest speakers, providing invaluable insights and fostering a sense of inspiration among the young recruits.

These officers shared stories from their daily duties, highlighting the unique challenges and responsibilities of policing on horseback. The discussion focused on the importance of the bond between the officers and their horses, emphasizing on trust, respect and empathy as foundational elements, not just in their unit, but in all forms of law enforcement.

The day took a shift in energy as the Metro SWAT team took the stage. They presented an array of equipment and technology used in high-risk operations. The focus of their talk was on the precision, discipline, and decision-making required in SWAT operations.

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