The LAPD Youth Cadet Leadership Program

Welcome to the LAPD Youth Cadet Leadership Academy, a dynamic program designed to empower young individuals by providing them with invaluable life skills through collaboration with one of the nation’s premier law enforcement agencies. Our program is proudly offered at each of the 21 community police stations throughout the city, as well as at five specialized divisions, ensuring widespread access and participation.

Our Mission

The Cadet Program is dedicated to fostering the personal and professional growth of our youth. It is our mission to equip cadets with essential skills that will serve them throughout their lives, from critical thinking and leadership to communication and physical fitness. We prepare cadets not just for success in their careers but for active and informed citizenship.

Our Goals

Diverse Opportunities: The Cadet Program is as diverse as the city it serves. This diversity allows cadets to experience law enforcement from multiple perspectives, fostering a deep understanding of the profession.

Inclusive Environment: Our cadets come from all walks of life and reflect the rich diversity of Los Angeles. Each cadet brings unique perspectives and aspirations, contributing to a vibrant learning environment.

Community Engagement: By engaging with community members and participating in service projects, cadets develop a strong sense of civic duty. Our program encourages them to use their skills and knowledge to contribute positively to their neighborhoods.

Leadership Development: We are committed to molding future leaders. Through rigorous training and mentorship, cadets learn to lead with integrity, discipline, and empathy.

Career Pathways: We provide a pathway for those interested in law enforcement and many other careers, offering insights and experiences that guide cadets towards their professional goals.

Join Our Community

The LAPD Youth Cadet Leadership Academy is more than just a program—it’s a commitment to the future of our youth and our city. We invite young individuals aged 13-17 to join us in this transformative journey. As a cadet, you will gain not only skills and knowledge but also the opportunity to make a significant impact on your community and beyond.

Visit our “More Information” page to discover how you can be a part of this extraordinary program and start your path to personal and community achievement. Together, we will strive for excellence and make lasting contributions to the city of Los Angeles.