As we moved into Week 7 at the Cadet Academy, our recruits engaged in a diverse array of activities designed to enhance both their personal and professional skills. This week’s schedule was particularly enriching, covering areas from financial literacy to intelligent dating and physical training.

Financial Literacy

The day kicked off with an intensive class in financial literacy taught by the LAPFCU (Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union). Understanding finances is crucial not only for personal success but also for making informed decisions in one’s professional life. Our recruits learned about managing budgets, the importance of saving, investment basics, and how to plan for future financial security. The aim was to equip them with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of financial responsibilities they will face in the real world.

Intelligent Dating

Mid-day brought an intriguing session on intelligent dating. This class is designed to help recruits develop healthy relationship skills, recognize red flags, and understand the dynamics of modern relationships. By fostering emotional intelligence, the session aimed to prepare cadets for building strong, respectful, and meaningful connections, both personally and professionally.

Physical Training

No week at the academy is complete without rigorous physical training, and Week 7 was no exception. PT sessions were intense and focused on enhancing physical endurance, strength, and agility. These workouts are vital as they keep the recruits physically fit and mentally sharp, ready to tackle the challenges of their demanding roles.

Guide- Ons Selection

This week at the Cadet Academy was a pivotal one as we selected our Guide-Ons, a significant honor and responsibility for those chosen. Throughout the day, these recruits worked diligently on perfecting their form, a key element in representing their squads with pride and precision. In addition to physical training, they were thoroughly educated on their duties, which include leading their peers during formations and events, and carrying the flag that symbolizes their platoon’s identity and spirit. This role is not only about leading the way physically but also about being a moral and motivational beacon for their fellow recruits. The training and responsibilities they’ve embraced this week are foundational to their development as leaders in the academy and their journey to become Cadets.

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