Week 11 at the Cadet Leadership Academy was a blend of discipline, learning, and inspiration. Each block of the week brought unique experiences and valuable lessons, shaping the recruits into well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.

Custody Services

The second block shifted gears towards understanding custody services. This session featured insightful talks from guest speakers who shared their experiences and expertise in the field. The recruits learned about the intricacies of custody operations, the importance of maintaining security, and the ethical responsibilities involved. The guest speakers’ real-world anecdotes and professional guidance provided the recruits with a deeper understanding of the challenges and rewards of working in custody services. It was a profound experience that broadened their perspective on public service and justice.

Whiteman Airport Chapter 40 – Youth Programs: Project Jackpot and Young Eagles

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the visit from representatives of Whiteman Airport Chapter 40. They introduced the recruits to their Youth Program and the Young Eagles initiative. This session was particularly exciting as it offered a glimpse into the world of aviation. The recruits learned about the various opportunities available in the aviation sector, the significance of aeronautical education, and the inspiring stories of young aviators.

The Young Eagles program, which aims to introduce youth to aviation through free flights, captured the recruits’ imagination. The guest speakers shared stories of how the program has inspired many young people to pursue careers in aviation, instilling a sense of adventure and possibility. For many recruits, this block was an eye-opener, igniting a newfound interest in flying and aeronautics.

Fun PT Session

The day concluded with a fun and energetic PT session filled with competitive relays. The recruits eagerly participated in various relay races, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition. The PT session not only enhanced their physical fitness but also strengthened their bonds as they cheered each other on and celebrated their victories together. This lively and engaging activity was a perfect way to balance the week’s rigorous training with some lighthearted fun.

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