Youth Leadership Council

Founder of the YLC: Lieutenant Luqman Watkins

The YLC was founded on March of 2023 during the beginning of the 3-23 Recruit Academy Class by a man with a dream named Luqman Watkins. He is currently the Watch Commander of the North Hollywood Police Station.

Mission Statement:
It is our honorable duty to represent our youth programs and to ensure the voice of the youth is heard and understood. We pledge to provide the necessary resources to the youth in order to guide them into becoming the future leaders of our city, state, and country.

Our Focus:
To build not Destroy
To build is to elevate, bring positivity, support, collaboration, uplift, construct a plan and achieve a desired outcome.

Executive Chief:

Jared Trinidad

Youth Leadership Council Committee:

Fatima Hernandez

Youth Leadership Council Committee:

John Rodriguez